Taco Dinner

Our monthly dinner series at Verde continues, and this one’s all about tacos and tequila!

TWELVE COURSES of tacos await you! Chef David Bulman aims to amaze with delicious taco after taco, made with a variety of ingredients and types of shells — corn, flour, lettuce, chocolate(!), and more. Here’s the planned lineup:

  1. CAVIAR: salmon roe, dill, crema, melon salsa, hard shell corn
  2. AL PASTOR: smoked seitan, pineapple, red onion, cilantro, lime aioli, Kale shell
  3. CHILE: 3 types of roasted peppers, habanero purée, chipoltle-poblano tortilla
  4. CHAYOTE: squash purée, fried sage, brown butter, cumin-maple tortilla
  5. CEVICHE: scallop ceviche, pear salsa, fresh herbs, corn tortilla
  6. ERIZO: sea urchin, caramelized onion, cream, house made sopes
  7. BISTEC: steak tartare, peanuts, lime oil, cilantro, mango salsa, iceberg lettuce shell
  8. PATO: smoked duck breast, braised cabbage, fig jam, corn shell fried in duck fat
  9. MANZANA: apple compote, whipped honey, cider “glass,” pumpkin sopes
  10. COCO: coconut sorbet, blood orange, cilantro, lemon meringue shell,
  11. CHOCOLATE: mini chocolate taco, chocolate shell
  12. QUESO: local goat cheese, peach jelly, red jalapeño, corn tostada

To prepare you mentally for all those tacos, we start with a welcome margarita made with Cabo Wabo tequila, Sammy Hagar’s very own brand.

And then paired with three taco courses will be three pours of Cabo Wabo tequila: blanco, reposado, and añejo.

Price is $35 per person for the four-course dinner, $20 for the welcome cocktail and tequila pairing, plus Cabo Wabo swag for all.