Peace Corps Dinner

For April’s vegetarian dinner (held the third Thursday every month), we’ve partnered with a former employee and friend: Bridget Fields. Bridget left us nearly two years ago to join the Peace Corps and has been doing her part to save the world ever since.

As a Peace Corps volunteer, she’s begun a special “volunteer project” that is dear to her heart… and to the hearts of many Panamanians for which she’s hoping it will benefit. We’ll let her talk about it in her own words below, but Verde is happy to donate 10% of food sales from the evening towards funding that project. Our full menu will be available, so you don’t have to be a vegetarian. Come join us for good food and a good cause.

Dear Friends and Family,

For almost the past two years, I have been a Peace Corps volunteer in a remote village in an indigenous reservation within the Darien jungle in Panama. The name of the town, Day Puru, means “Our Own Land” in the Embera dialect and indeed they are a proud group of people who have achieved their independence from the Panamanian government and continue to maintain their unique culture and language. Because of the isolated nature of the town, the people have no access to electricity and transport from the nearest city involves a two days of journey using buses, boat rides through rivers and the Pacific Ocean, ending with hikes through the jungle.

In this tiny, Embera village the thirteen women, who are the heads of the families, formed their own Women’s Artisan Group named “Wera-ra Krincha Chibidi” which in their language means the ‘Dreams of the Women.’ The women travel outside the reservation to sell their artisan work but they want to expand and sell products in the community and neighboring towns. My project for the women’s group is to fund the money needed to buy a solar panel powered freezer. This panel is a necessity for the community as they live without access to electricity. Smoking and salting are two current methods used to preserve food, however many times children get sick from parasites within poorly preserved meats.

Through this project, the women will be able to buy local agrarian products from farmers, process them into healthy snacks and meals to sell within the community and in nearby towns. The panel will give more independence and power to the women in the town while supporting healthy living and safer methods of preserving food. This project will enable them to develop and maintain a small business which will increase inter-community cooperation and generate more income for their families and children. Please help make this idea possible.

This donation process is easy:
1. Click on the link,, and then enter my last name (Fields) or my project number (14-525-008) in the box.
2. Click on ‘Solar Panel Start-Up Business’ by PCV B. Fields and it will enter the page.
3. Put in the amount you would like to donate, then click the donate button, and the next page will ask you to enter your payment information as an individual or an organization.
4. This will be processed directly by Peace Corps and be directed into the project fund. All money donated to Peace Corps will be used for the project and send you information how to use your donation to be tax deductible.

Thank you so much for your support, for every person who donates I will send them a thank you email and pictures of the group. Please share this page with your friends, we all appreciate your donations!


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